Demand for Higher Education to Intensify in Brazil

Brazil, the most populated country in Latin America, represents the world’s fifth largest and the region’s largest education industry. According to “Brazil Education Services Market Analysis”, a research report by RNCOS, the quest for higher education has been growing in the country, with an increasing number of students trying to get enrolled into the universities. This creates an opportunity not only for private universities to expand in terms of infrastructure and courses offered, but also for the country to serve as a regional education hub. The research also points out that the country will focus on developing its own, in-house talent pool to meet the expanding demand for professionals. Such factors will boost the higher learning prospects in Brazil during 2011-2014.

With a sprawling middle class base, Brazil, which is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, holds an immense potential for the education sector. The country has been making concrete efforts to develop its primary, secondary, and higher education levels in order to fulfill future knowledge demand. However, there exist some bottlenecks, which are likely to pose challenges for the industry. These include high rates of secondary dropouts, poor student performance in international standardized tests, and low compensation for teaching staff. These potential challenges should be addressed timely.

An upshot of a broad research and objective analysis of Brazil’s education industry, the report provides current industry trends and forecasts for fundamental, high school, and higher education. It analyzes trends and makes estimations with a focus on potential students’ enrollments, and staff and college requirements during 2011-2014. The analysis of segment-wise regulatory environment and brief profiles of key players have also been included in the report. The research also updates recent activities and financials to present a balanced outlook on the industry.

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