Industrial Chemicals Manufacturers Release “Green” Products Says IndustrialPR

New directory of industrial, laboratory, specialty & production chemicals introduced on the manufacturing news portal

Corona, California – Early Thursday IndustrialPR, the online news aggregator and trade media outlet for the manufacturing community announced the launch of its new environmental-focused directory of Industrial Chemicals Suppliers. The news portal, a division of Industrial Leaders with roots dating back to the 1990′s made the announcement in a press release intended for business owners, engineers and entrepreneurs seeking the latest chemical products for industrial, laboratory, production, food processing, metalworking, water treatment, cleaning, paint & coatings, research & development, surface finishing & polishing as well as other applications. The company said the types of chemicals offered on the site include organic & inorganic, dry, bulk, synthetic, food, textile, cosmetics, disinfecting, electronic, analytical and other types.

Daniel Gray, spokesman for IndustrialPR, and a contributing editor of the its online news magazine said the Industrial Chemicals Guide includes supplier approved wholesale and factory-direct offerings for a broad variety of chemical products such as industrial salts, aerosols, pigments, acids, indicators, graffiti & gum removing agents, buffers, protective coatings, phosphoric & sulfuric acids, sodium & potassium hydroxide, lubricants, oil additives, propellants, abrasive compounds, ethers, degreasing products, corrosion protection chemicals, biodegradable & environmental-friendly chemicals as well as metal heat treating compounds, ketone peroxide pigments, deodorizers, specialty gases cleaning solvents, polishing compounds, silicones, detergents, stains & dyes and allied products. Gray said the chemical manufacturers and distributors featured on the publication serve numerous industries in national and international markets.

“IndustrialPR learned from user feedback that manufacturers on the Web needed a buying guide to help in their search for various types of chemicals such as maintenance, water treatment, laboratory, technical, metal coating, food manufacturing, industrial finishing, cleaning, specialty and production chemicals,” said Gray. He added, “Companies utilizing the global-focused chemical buying guide are able to compare editor approved offerings from manufacturers and suppliers of standard, custom, specialty formulated, OEM and private labeled chemical products.” Gray went on to explain plans to developed the publication into a fully fledged marketplace to buy and sell industrial chemicals and supplies.

About IndustrialPR is an online engineering, technical, IT and manufacturing news portal providing the latest stories, feeds, editorials and articles covering newly launched equipment, tools, components, software and machinery as well as other products for manufacturers and other industries worldwide. The site unveils some of the most advanced industrial products, innovative services and technologies being introduced into the marketplace by world leading companies serving national and international markets.

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