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My home air conditioner

According to temperature records as well as anecdotal evidence where by people I know in Sydney where I live, this summer has been exceptionally warm and more humid than ever we can remember. Since I am renting my home and it does not have air conditioning installed I decided to look at quick and inexpensive home air conditioning options.

First thing I did is asked my neighbour about his air conditioner that he’s been using for few years now and he was happy with it and most importantly it did not cost him much at all! Is that possible – I asked him more about it and turns out its one of those portable air conditioners.

Just looking at the way he installed it himself, it is the shape of a small bar refrigerator, just a little narrower and it has vents on the top of it as well as the thick conduit coming from behind it just like below picture.
home air conditioner
So, would you have to hire someone like Frost air conditioning company in Sydney to install it or can it be done in a DIY fashion. I went on and proceeded to find out how this can be installed without an assistance of a professional which would obviously reduce the cost for me.

How to install home air conditioning

So how did my neighbour John install his portable air conditioning unit in his tiny 1 bedroom apartment? By the look of it and the way he explained it to me is that after unpacking the unit from the packaging he measured the size of the flexible conduit that comes out from the back of the unit. He then worked out the size of the panel that would have to be cut to size to block the window or a sliding door of his balcony that is to be left open slightly permanently.

He then cut out the opening for the conduit which looked to me like about 15cm in diameter and fitted it there. This is the air conditioning inlet used to suck the fresh air from outside, pass it through the cooling system and then blow it out into the room making the air nice and comfortably cool. He says that once he bought the panel from the hardware store it only took him half an hour to fit his brand new home air conditioner and was then able to switch it on and enjoy the new found comfort.

This was convincing enough for me so I was also determined enough to follow the same path and buy a portable air conditioner from the same shop he did since he’d done all the research before saving me tonnes of time. And over a free lunch for John, I was able to have him install this a/c unit for me following the exact same steps he did for his own one. We are now both able to enjoy the comfortable feeling of new air conditioner during the long and hot summer days in Sydney.

Goes without saying that if you are looking at a quick, cheap and easy way to transform your home and give it a boost, this is a much better solution than having to pay more and having to hire an installation contractor to install it for you if you were to get split system or ducted air conditioning for example.

And one last thing, this a/c cost me $499 and few bucks for a panel and ducked tape at a local hardware store.